About me

I am Onno Octavius van Vloten. The story about why I make art is a little less conventional then most.

From a young age I was always good at building and repairing many things. This made me decide to work in the technique sector. I have worked many jobs in the conquest to teach myself as many different techniques as possible. In the year 2012 I was working in construction company to learn how to build and renovate houses and apartments. This is where my life made a drastic change. While it was raining I was working outside managing the building equipment, and a concrete beam shifted from its place and landed sideways on my right leg. This accident caused me to be unable to work for a long time making me reevaluate my life.

Without any work a feeling of boredom soon arrived. So when my brother and I gave my father a glass workshop for his birthday, it created a great opportunity for me to get out of the house and try something new. A new passion was born! I found there was beauty in the techniques and materials that I was unable to experience in my previous work and educations. This drove me to experiment more. I found that my experiences in many different fields of techniques gave me the chance to see and try things in different ways than others.

I am lucky! Thanks to my accident I am now able to make objects that challenge me and bring me pleasure to create. My works are not a statement with a deep sense behind them. they are works I create that bring me pleasure and happiness when I look at them. I try to create things and stories that I find intriguing and or beautiful. I hope others will enjoy and share these feelings as well.